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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2012 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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department. do we have a motion? we had a motion to that effect. we will do that without objection. colleagues, if we could, on items #3-11, i would like to send this forward to the full board of supervisors. we do have the reserves, amendments for the bond issuances, and the existing prop j's. do we have a motion to send those items out as amended? we have a motion to send items 3-11 forward. 11-6, and five were amended. thank you. with regards to items #one and two, we had heard from port, airport, public utilities, department of the environment, mta.
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for the mta, we do expect that we will come back to the board through technical amendments engine because you have to adjust the revenue news we have heard recently as well as the labor component. there were a number of areas of concern that this board has communicated to you, so we would like to work with you before you go to your board to work through some of the meter issues and some other things. we look for to working with you in the next coming weeks. if i could entertain a motion to continue items one and two to join up with our june budget. supervisor kim: i just want to make some comments. i want to appreciate a lot of the work that has been done around the mta budget. i know it is really hard to do this, but making the cuts in middle management and overtime
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is greatly appreciated but incredibly difficult to do. it is very important in the city government for it i appreciate those steps being made. it is something that has been talked about for years at the board of supervisors and it is amazing that it is going to happen. i know everybody -- every department is very different. i hope that other departments can learn from the work you have been able to do around that issue. i want to clarify something. there is concerns about operating expenses. my understanding is that some of it is the leftovers, roughly $1.2 million, that had not been used when we previously allocated funding for reduced muni passes for sfusc to administer. you were not able to administer it for many reasons, but you
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continue to allocate money for the program that we were supposed to implement but never did writ of one and to clarify. there is some confusion. i know it is operating expenses, but this is something that had been allocated for another program that we were not able to utilize for it -- that we were not able to utilize. >> that is absolutely correct. it is arguable whether that was supposed to be an ongoing expenditure or not. but we supported it as such. it is the $1.4 million from this year that was not used as well as what continued in the baseline for the next two years. three years of roughly $1.4 million, which is roughly $4.2 million, part of the $9.4 million zoning plan. as i understand it from the start, we did not understand -- we did not communicate that clearly.
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supervisor kim: i will just say this about meters. i want to reiterate that it is important that we put our meters up to date so people can say it in advance for it i do not want to see meters and i understand why people want free parking. i understand it is a tough issue and you are balancing a budget that has many needs. if someone strongly supported free muni for youth, there is a strong need to balance our revenues. there are a lot of different groups that were shipped on different days, whether it is friday or saturday. i just want to make that point. there are a lot of good -- there were a lot of good comments made today, but i think they could have been made for other days as well. i just want to acknowledge the challenge of what you're doing. and how difficult it can be to
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make that balance. i appreciate there has been some discussion. i am not sure what type of outreach has happened to those institutions which would be affected, whether small businesses or religious organizations. obviously, there have been town halls. there used to be more dedicated, smaller groups to try to figure out how we could make this work, if this is the plan that moves forward. i think that level of communication is always important and appreciated. supervisor wiener: just to follow up on supervisor kim's last comment, we have for the public comment on sunday meters and it was very church-focused. by and large, the negative feedback i have been getting about meters come from small neighborhood merchants and merchants associations who are very concerned about it. just so that no one has the
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misimpression that this is just about the churches. churches are stakeholders in our community, just like everyone else. there are many other stakeholders, including many small businesses, who also have concerns. thank you. supervisor kim: just one last piece on the youth program. i understand that the money was leftover money that was not utilized. just as we are going forward, we do have a choice about how we spend that money. if it was not going towards this program, it could be used for other things, maintenance, other things. it is a choice we are making. i just want to make that point. most people are aware of that and know that. colleagues, we do have the items before us. can we entertain a motion to continue these items?
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we have a motion and we will do that without objection. thank you. do we have any other items before us? >> there are no other items on the agenda. supervisor chu: thank you. we are adjourned.
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